Anchor Profiles


7 se 8

She focuses on the stories of the day, whether they are political or social. She specializes in taking up topics extremely relevant to young people in Pakistan, such as harassment and social justice. Mon to Thurs | 7pm to 8pm

Awam ki Awaz

Farah Yousuf spares no one in her investigations into the crooked and dishonest Sunday | 7pm to 8pm


Awaz brings you analysis and opinion from both ends of the spectrum on all the big stories of the day Mon to Thurs | 10pm to 11pm

Black & White with Hasan Nisar

Black & White presents a clear and conclusive picture of the ongoing situation in the country without mincing words. This opinionated show features the countrys leading journalist, columnist and intellectual, Hassan Nisar.

Court No 5

How do laws apply in Pakistan and what can you expect if you go into court... Sunday | 11pm to 12am

Duaein Quran Ki

Exegesis of Quranic verses by renowned islamic scholar Noman Ali Khan on samaa tv program Duaen Quran Ki Daily at 6 PM


Imran Riaz Khan in his show holds those in power accountable as he covers socio-political topics with focus on current affairs of national importance of the day. Fri to Sun | 8:03pm


Emergency is a true depiction of real life happenings presented in a dramatized form. Saturday | 11pm to 12am

Game Set Match

Sports analysis Sawera Pasha and Sohaib Alvi discuss the latest developments taking place on and off the field accompanied by none other than the flamboyant former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi Mon to Fri | 5:05pm to 6pm


Kasauti at OMC is intellectually inspiring and academic show for thinkers hosted by Aftab Iqbal on SAMAA TV Sat to Sun | 11:05am to 12pm


Khabarhar is the latest venture by Aftab Iqbal, the master of political satire. The show is all about using witty humour to address politics and current affairs

Naya Din

Naya Din is a morning show in which current affairs, social trendings, talents & much more things to be discussed. Mon to Fri | 9am to 11am

Nadeem Malik Live

Nadeem Malik is a senior journalist who hosts the show Nadeem Malik Live on SAMAA TV, Monday to Thursday between 8pm and 9pm. Mon to Thurs | 8pm to 9pm

News Beat

Paras Jahanzaib spares no one in power as she questions their decisions and demands answers Fri to Sun | 10pm to 11pm


Pukaar, hosted by anchorperson Zohaib Saleem Butt, is the call of the unheard, underprivileged and oppressed. This street show is about various civic and administrative issues and problem faced by the common man. Zohaib tweets at @zohaibbutt Fri to Sat | 7pm to 8pm

Qutb Online

Qutb Online goes in search of answers to our most pressing questions on matters of faith Mon to Fri | 11am to 12pm