Misbah ul Haq opens up about retirement

Nov 30, 2016
misbah 2 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq has said he is still undecided about his retirement plan and it is a decision he will take on his own. "I am at a certain stage of my career where I only think what I can give back to my team," Misbah said. He also said he did not have to announce his retirement before hand and could end his career whenever he wanted, as he was not looking for a farewell. "I am thinking but haven't reached any conclusion, but my whole thought process is all about the team - if they can move on without me or not. And how I can do more as a senior to inspire and make this team stand on its own, Cricinfo reported. "I do believe these boys have the capability to take responsibility and can deliver. So I am actually thinking if it's a good to leave at this stage. But this is a decision I want to take on my own and I don't think I need to pre-announce it," Misbah said. I don't think that it is necessary for me to mark any series my last but I can take it any time without even having a farewell. I don't have to make my retirement plan a big issue by beating drums all over." Misbah believed that the set of players selected for the Australia tour formed a "winning" squad. "The alarming situation is that our main batsmen are out of form. Otherwise these boys have beaten England in their own conditions," he said. "In New Zealand, we were not able to get time to adjust and the pitches were all in favour of bowlers. Even the New Zealand batsmen struggled most of the time because conditions were unplayable. But in Australia, you have a lot of opportunities to score runs and you either get out or play your strokes," he said. "It's not like we are not capable enough to compete against Australia in Australia. We are. Yes, we are low on confidence after losing three straight Tests and it's tough to regather ourselves but we have to and we will. Our batsmen have done it in the past, our bowlers are good but they need to be pushed hard and they have to take responsibility. So, overall this team has everything you need to win a game and I am sure we are very much capable," Misbah said. -Web Desk




misbah ul haq

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