Naomi Watts stuns in white gown at world premiere of 'Diana'

Nov 30, -0001
LONDON: Looking stunning in a floor length white Versace gown reminiscent of the late Princess Diana, actress Naomi Watts has said she hopes if Princes William and Harry see her new movie 'Diana', abou the life of their mother, they will think it 'respectful'. The Australian-born actress, who plays the lead character of the Princess of Wales in the drama, worked the red carpet at the film's world premiere in London, posing for photographers and signing autographs. Behind the confident smile though she said she was concerned about what Diana's family, and in particular her sons, will think of the film."I had my concerns going into it which is why I hesitated, but the film is done, whether or not they see it I have no idea, if they do I hope they feel that we have been respectful and upheld her memories in the best possible way," she told Reuters Television.The long-anticipated "Diana" purports to retell the last two years of the Princess' life, depicting her as she campaigns against landmines and embarks on a secret love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan before her death in a car crash in August 1997.Diana, her friend Dodi al Fayed and their chauffeur were killed when their car crashed in a road tunnel while pursued by photographers after the couple left the Ritz hotel in Paris on August 31, 1997.Having played her, Watts said she wasn't jealous of her Diana's life and wouldn't have wanted to switch places.''I think it would be very hard to contend with that amount of focus and so constantly, my heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with that on a daily basis," she said."I had little glimpses of it here and there and frustrations and irritations with paparazzi and what not, but for the most part I am ok," she added.The untimely death of Diana, who divorced heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles in 1996, sparked an outpouring of public grief that culminated in huge crowds lining the streets of London for her funeral.'Lost' actor Naveen Andrews, who plays Dr Hasnat Khan, said her monumental celebrity was what brought his character closer to Diana."I think what was unusual about Doctor Hasnat Khan for Diana was that he didn't really treat her like the icon that we all know her to be," he said."The very fact that he was able to be relaxed with her as an ordinary person I think attracted her to him," he added.Oliver Hirschbiegel, who made the Oscar nominated "Downfall" about the last days of Hitler, directed "Diana'' - a love story he compared to 1953's romantic comedy ''Roman Holiday'' and 1965's epic drama ''Dr. Zhivago''."'Brief Encounter' I think is very close, to a certain extent - 'Roman Holiday', maybe - funny enough 'Dr. Zhivago', there is a love there that can't be lived and yet they love each other so much," he said."There's not so many that's so interesting about this project, you know the love stories don't come around that often, it seems a genre that's not done any more but I am certain the audience wants that, but lets see it's up to the audience," he added.Actor Douglas Hodge, who plays Diana's former butler Paul Burrel, said he thought Diana would like the film. ''I think she would have been pleased I don't think there is any part of it that's really that critical, it just shows the life that she was living and how ostracized she was and how deeply in love she was and how impossible that love was, given that she was the most famous woman in the world.'' ''Diana" is due to be released on September 20 to the public in the UK and Ireland. – Reuters



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