A Gentle Way To Kill Generations

    milk 1 Have you ever thought of taking washing soda, urea or penicillin as your food supplement? I am sure that you must be under the impression that this man has gone nuts or perhaps trying to tickle the funny bone. Indeed, my question is not sensible but do you know that more than one million residents of Lahore are using these noxious chemicals as  part of their daily food intake.

Oh, don’t bite your hand off in shock! This is what the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) said in one of its statements just when it started conducting operation against the milk sellers of Lahore. According to PFA, the daily consumption of milk in Lahore increases during summer up to 1.8 million liters and in order to meet this much demand of especially  milk (loose); the milk sellers choose a nasty tactic of mixing a certain amount of urea, caustic soda, cheap cooking oil and detergents.

One of my friend who is employed in PFA told me while requesting anonymity that usually the percentage of adulterants include urea (30 per cent), cooking oil (70 per cent), powdered Singhara or Water chestnut-a seasonal fruit grown in ponds,  is added upto 40 per cent to thicken the milk , unhygienic water (50 per cent), formalin, a chemical that is used to preserve the human body (35 per cent), and penicillin (47 per cent).

milk 2

Imagine! We consider milk the healthiest food and even agrees to spend more than average to buy one liter of milk. Not just that but we force our children to drink at least one glass of milk every day. Pregnant women are advised by the doctors to include milk in their daily diet. But in reality,we are not gaining health but losing it instead. Yes! by drinking this milk full of pollutants and adulterants, we are drawing near to death. The question which normally pricks every sensible individual is none other than the one: Why the milk-sellers involved in this corruption are not being given the strict penalties or are heavily fined?

Milk is in fact a blessing of God but what have we done with it and What are we doing with our people? I feel if a strict action would not be taken against the culprits involved in mixing harmful chemicals in milk; then no wonder that  time will come soon when when we would strictly ban the use of milk in our homes and would be forced to keep our children from tasting it.




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