NA- 122 By- Election, Close Contest Expected

Oct 05, 2015
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Written by: Naeem Ashraf Butt
A week before, winning of NA -122 by- election was an easy task for former Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq but now the scenario is different  after the heroic entry of PTI Chief Imran Khan into the campaign has changed the situation and now this will be a close contest.
NA -122 Constituency covers almost 60 percent of main Lahore city divided by two important provincial constituencies PP- 147 and PP -148. PP -147 consists of Gharri Shahu, Railway colonies and both Imran Khan and Ayaz Sadiq belong to these areas. In 2013 General elections , Ayaz Sadiq got lead from this area and even PML N Candidate Mohsin Latif won the provincial seat as well. On the other side PP 148 is very much complex and interesting area as far as voters trend and result of elections. Samanabad, Ichra, Shama are the areas of PP 148 and in 2013 General Elections, thou Ayaz Sadiq defeated Imran Khan but on provincial seat, PTI Candidate Mian Aslam Iqbal won.
 Secondly, Imran Khan is in a situation of taking advantage in absence of PML N President PM Nawaz Sharif in the campaign as in General Elections, Nawaz Sharif took full advantage of injured Imran Khan because of fallen from the stage during public meeting. The Doungi Ground has now become the politically historical place because this was the same place where Nawaz Sharif ended his election campaign on 9th May,2013 and this was the best public gathering of Nawaz Sharif and PML N in the whole election campaign. Now we can sense that history would be repeated by Imran Khan by using same venue close to the election day while on the other hand , Nawaz Sharif may not do the same because of his prime minister post.
 Third reason of close contest is the candidate of PTI Abdul Aleem Khan who don't have good reputation because of lots of allegations of fraud on him which may give advantage to PML N Candidate Ayaz Sadiq whose reputation is much better than his opponent, But Imran Khan is leading the campaign as he himself is contesting as candidate and He repeatedly saying in every address, " Its not just the election of one constituency rather its symbolic to the whole country's election and give vote to the change not to the candidates." So again its 50-50 situation, advantages and disadvantages on both sides. If PTI candidate won then it would be win of Imran Khan not Abdul Aleem Khan and if defeat then it would be candidate's defeat not the PTI chief. On the other side , if PML N candidate wins then it will be his own win and if lost then PML N will be the loser not Ayaz Sadiq because of absence of big leader of the party.
 PP -148 elected MPA of PTI Mian Aslam Iqbal who did not ask the people of his constituency to give votes both NA and PP in 2013 general elections which resulted defeat of Imran Khan  on NA seat and winning of Mian Aslam Iqbal on provincial seat, but now the situation has changed here also and Mian Aslam Iqbal is giving his hundred percent for the winning of PTI Candidate and sometime it looks as he himself is contesting the election and on the other hand, PML N is missing Nawaz Sharif in this area  and tension between two groups of PML N will also be disadvantage for Ayaz Sadiq.
 In general elections, lead of Ayaz Sadiq was 10,000 votes which is not big because of voters trend so Imran Khan may cover this lead by his immense campaign while on the other hand, only Hamza Shahbaz is leading the PML N campaign which is not much attractive for the voters but only for the known local workers and LG election candidates, Even common man or thinking voters have no much respect and interest in the leadership of CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif but they only liked Nawaz Sharif so presence of Hamza is not creating much impact.
 Last but not least , security and government/opposition matter is also creating same situation. Though, every political leader including Imran Khan has threat alerts but lesser as compare to government personalities and their family members which give little edge to Imran Khan on the opponents. Another aspect and trend of the voters are always against the government because of not doing their personal demands while opposition is not being asked for personal deeds.
 This is the situation of NA 122 by- election but before a day of election date, it may goes to favour of someone but chances are that of  close and interesting contest.

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