Cheesy ad gets vulgar website in Italian pickle

Aug 14, 2015
CheeseROME: Some parmesan with your smut? Not if the organisation in charge of protecting the reputation of Italy's most famous cheese has anything to do with it. The Parmiggiano Reggiano consortium said Thursday it was considering legal action against pornography streaming website Pornhub for "using the cheese's prestigious name" to promote its own "vulgar services." Pornhub last week launched a new subscription service with an online advert showing a couple shopping in a supermarket. In it, the man says, "Why dont we get this aged Parmiggiano Reggiano? They say it's the Pornhub Premium of cheese." In a statement, the Consortium said they had called for the advert to be pulled immediately, labelling it "not only unpleasant and unacceptable but offensive to the makers of the cheese and their work." (AFP)



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