Revolutionary Qadri says he’s fit to fight govt again

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LAHORE: Dr Tahirul Qadri, the ‘constant revolutionary’ leader of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), who was allegedly forced to call off a tediously long protest sit-in outside the parliament due to a cardiac condition, is back in shape to blast off a new uprising, Samaa reported.

“I am fit as a fiddle to launch another revolution.  Revolutionaries are never tired of fighting for their cause. Suffering a defeat at a front does mean we have lost the war. You should not take it to your heart,” the moderate cleric told his workers during a party meeting.

Qadri, the Canadian-Pakistani cleric, who wants to become Pakistan’s Che Guevara, the famous Cuban revolutionary, terming it blatant propaganda, denied selling ‘revolution’ to the government.

“We have never shaken hands with the tyrants nor will we ever. So a striking a deal with the government is out of question. Had there been an iota of truth in this accusation it would have been proven until now,” the moderate cleric said.

His impassioned voice went into a long unrecoverable quiver when he flashbacked to his moaning, crying, screaming, and bleeding followers, who were tortured, shot, injured, and killed by Punjab police in a raid on PAT headquarters in Model Town Lahore.

“The blood of the Model Town martyrs will be avenged. They did not die in vain,” Qadri boomed.

During the course of his address, the PAT leader ordered his workers to prepare for the local government election.

Qadri, whose supporters have camped outside Pakistan’s Parliament building since August, called off his sit-in in October 2014 and vowed to take the demonstrations nationwide.

Qadri arrived in Islamabad in mid-August last year along with cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and thousands of their supporters, with the aim of forcing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down over alleged rigging in last year’s elections.

Tension peaked at the end of August with violent clashes that saw three protesters killed as they attempted to storm Parliament, but cooled once it became clear the military was not prepared to topple Sharif.

Speaking to reporters in front of Parliament, Qadri said: “This phase of the Revolution March in Islamabad is now over and participants can go back home.” He added the focus of the protests would now shift to cities across the country and he would spend two days in each city.

“You should now pack up and go back home with a sense of victory,” he added without elaborating.—SAMAA/Agencies

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