Twitter conceals video view counts, sparking speculation on transparency

Numerous Twitter users observed absence of video view counts
<p>Photo: AFP</p>

Photo: AFP

In a surprising move, Twitter has opted to hide video view counts, leaving users in the dark about the popularity of videos shared on the platform.

Previously, the social media giant had introduced public view count metrics for tweets, but it seems the company is now removing one of its most significant metrics.

Numerous Twitter users have observed the absence of video view counts.

While Twitter recently made updates to its video player, incorporating features like playback speed and a picture-in-picture mini-player, it remains unclear whether the removal of view counts is intentional.

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Reports of missing view counts have surfaced for over a week, leading to speculation among users.

As of now, the Twitter iOS app and website no longer display video view counts. However, Android users can still access this metric.

If the removal of video view counts is a deliberate decision, Twitter would become the least transparent social media platform when it comes to video analytics.

Unlike other major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, Twitter would deny users the ability to gauge a video’s popularity through view count data.

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Without video view counts, users are left to rely on alternative metrics, which may paint an inaccurate picture of a video’s actual performance.

While Twitter does provide “tweet views” to indicate impressions, this number does not necessarily reflect the number of users who have watched a video embedded within a tweet.

The impact of this change extends beyond users; advertisers heavily rely on video view counts to inform their ad campaigns on various platforms.

The absence of this vital metric on Twitter could affect their decision-making process, potentially leading to less effective ad targeting.

Twitter’s pivot towards video has been evident in recent months, with the introduction of extended video length for Twitter Blue subscribers and the platform’s efforts to attract media properties.

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However, the decision to hide video view counts raises questions about the platform’s commitment to transparency and its ability to compete with other video-centric platforms.

As Twitter continues to refine its video strategy, the industry eagerly awaits further clarification on the removal of video view counts and whether this marks a significant shift in the platform’s approach to video analytics.



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