Fawad’s grand cruise; Khans celebrate milestone birthdays in style

Fawad Khan and Sadaf Khan's extravagant birthday celebrations capture hearts and joyful moments

Birthdays hold a special place in the hearts of the Khans, and turning forty calls for an extravagant celebration. Fawad Khan, the renowned actor-singer, opted for a lavish cruise birthday bash in Dubai, while his wife, Sadaf Fawad Khan, chose a serene getaway with close friends in Thailand for her milestone celebration.

The Khan family’s close friends, actor Ahmed Ali Butt and his wife, joined the birthday festivities. Butt took to Instagram, sharing a picturesque group photo taken in an opulent garden, and wished Sadaf a happy birthday. He expressed his joy in catching up with dear friends in such a special place.

Filmmaker Nina Kashif, another attendee at the birthday bash, praised Sadaf as a gracious host when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Kashif shared yet another delightful group picture from the getaway on her Instagram Story, expressing her heartfelt wishes for Sadaf’s happiness, health, love, and light.

Social media buzzed with pictures from the celebration, showcasing Sadaf looking stunning in a black cut-out dress adorned with a stylish silver lining near the cuts. The Zara dress featured a thigh-high slit, exuding elegance. Her eye-catching husband donned a patterned blue shirt, black pants, and a beaming smile to mark the occasion.

In addition to Kashif and Butt, filmmaker Ammarah Hikmat, former Strings bandmate Faisal Kapadia, and his wife Seema Hirani Kapadia were also present, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the birthday festivities.

To express her gratitude and appreciation, Sadaf personally wrote heartfelt notes to each friend who made her day memorable. These touching gestures of gratitude are now being reshared by her friends on social media, showcasing the warmth and love that surrounded the celebration.

The Khans continue to create lasting memories with their grand birthday celebrations, capturing the essence of joy and friendship in their extravagant events.

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