Imran Khan sets two conditions for quitting politics

PTI chairman urges SC to save democracy in Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has said that he is ready to constitute a committee for talks with the ‘powerful quarters’ and he is ready to step back if that panel is convinced on two things.

He addressed his supporters soon after PTI leader and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry quit the party.

He said that he is ready to form a committee to talk to anyone who possesses power.

“I am forming this committee and I say two things. If they convince it that they have a solution and the country can function better without Imran Khan, or they convince it what benefit will Pakistan gain from holding elections in October.”

Convince us on these two things, and I am ready to retreat for the sake of the country, he added.

“I am forming a committee and I will announce this tomorrow,” the ex-PM announced.

He urged the Supreme Court (SC) to act to save ‘remnants of democracy in Pakistan’.

PTI chairman said that the unity among the judges of the top court is the most important thing today otherwise the law of jungle would continue to prevail in the country.

Imran Khan expressed his preparedness in case of any action against him, stating, “I am sitting ready for them, whenever they come for me. I remain prepared every day.”

He criticised the coercion and tactics used to force individuals to leave PTI, referring to it as a form of enslavement.

PTI chairman urged his supporters not to succumb to fear, stating, “You were not born for this… When a nation submits to fear, it leads to its demise”.

He emphasised his strong stance, declaring that he would rather die than accept slavery.

Addressing his followers, he reassured them that he will not lose hope and will continue to fight until the very end. He encouraged the nation not to accept defeat in any way.

Imran Khan also said those who are thinking that they could crush the ‘idea of freedom’ through oppression must understand that it can never happen.

Despite people leaving and quitting PTI, the former premier expressed hope that the ticket-holder of his party, regardless of who he may be, will win in the elections because ‘the people have decided’.

He expressed disappointment that in the pursuit of getting him sidelined, the country is sinking and people are facing economic woes.

He said that his detained party members are being treated like inhumanely and those to agree to leave get a clean chit from everything.

PTI chairman claimed that whenever probe happens, it would be established that arson on May 9 was preplanned.

He also questioned the journalists and human rights organisations on remaining silent on the atrocities being committed against PTI workers.

Imran Khan remarked that Shireen Mazari had been subjected to cruel treatment, and he expressed satisfaction that she decided to exit politics and free herself from the suffering she had endured.

He termed Shireen’s quitting politics as a loss not only to PTI but Pakistani politics.

Imran Khan said that the people were being deprived of their fundamental rights and the law of the jungle is prevalent in the country.

He questioned why no investigation had been initiated into the killing of 25 peaceful protesters who lost their lives due to direct gunfire from law enforcement agencies (LEAs) on May 9.

The ex-PM expressed that his party members are experiencing an exceptional level of pressure, as they are being threatened with various consequences, including the destruction of their properties and businesses, as well as potential abductions of their children.

Imran Khan


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