This new WhatsApp feature will save you from alot of problems

No more snooping on your WhatsApp messages!
<p>Photo: AFP</p>

Photo: AFP

WhatsApp is reportedly in the process of developing a new privacy feature, which will be called “lock chats.”

This feature will enable users to lock specific chats using their fingerprint or passcode, thereby providing an additional layer of security to their sensitive conversations.

The feature will only be available to beta testers initially, but it will be included in the future update of the app’s version.

The locked chat will be accessible only through the user’s fingerprint or passcode, which will make it almost impossible for anyone else to open the chat.

Moreover, media files, such as photos and videos, sent in a locked chat will not be saved in the phone’s gallery automatically.

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A screenshot shared online shows that the “lock chats” feature is currently under development. Once a chat is locked, it can only be accessed using the user’s fingerprint or passcode.

If someone else attempts to open the chat and fails to provide the necessary authentication, they will have to clear the chat to be able to open it.

This new feature would prevent others from reading and peeking at the messages, providing users with a higher level of privacy and security.



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