France enforces models, influencers to label filtered, edited images

French finance minister takes steps to stop the promotion of artificial beauty standards

The finance minister of France, Bruno Le Maire proposed a new rule for influencers and models on social media sites, stating that they need to mention the filters they used for their content or the touch ups they have done to their photos, he also banned the promotion of cosmetic surgery.

The government took the necessary step to limit the psychological effects of social media usage. Not following the new laws might result in the imprisonment of up to 2 years with a $32,515 fine as well. Furthermore, the person will not be allowed to use any social media site or continue their careers on the platform.

“Influencers must be subject to the same rules as those that apply to traditional media, as the internet is not the Wild West,” said the French finance minister.

The former health minister of France suggested the idea, saying that, “At the moment it was important to avoid the promotion of inaccessible beauty ideals and to prevent anorexia among young people.”

In the recent campaign by Dove, it was ruled out that almost around 50 per cent of the women do not feel confident without filters or beauty products.






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