President consults legal teams of PTI, Presidency, Law Ministry on SC bill

If Dr Alvi doesn't sign bill, it will be taken to joint session of parliament
Apr 01, 2023
<p>Photo: file</p>

Photo: file

The approval of the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Bill appears to be uncertain, as President Arif Alvi has started consultations with his party’s legal team.

The president is said to have decided to seek suggestions from the Presidency’s legal team as well as the Law Ministry.

If the president refuses to sign the bill into law, it will be tabled in a joint sitting of parliament

Sources say the president is consulting legal and constitutional experts.

President Alvi is said to have sought an answer from the constitutional experts as to why the bill was needed.

If the president does not sign the bill, it will be taken to a joint session of parliament. After its approval from the House, the bill will again be sent to the president.

If the president again does not sign it within 10 days, the bill will automatically become a law.

The government has already called a joint session on April 10.

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Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure), Bill 2023


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