US reacts to Pakistan’s decision to skip Democracy Summit

Spox says decision will not have an effect on relationship
<p>State Department Spokesperson Vedant Patel - Photo/Online</p>

State Department Spokesperson Vedant Patel - Photo/Online

State Department Spokesperson Vedant Patel reacted to Pakistan’s decision to opt out of the Democracy Summit taking place in Washington this week saying Pakistan is a sovereign state and has the right to make its own decisions.

While briefing the journalists in Washington on Thursday, Mr Vedant Vedant Patel said that Pakistan’s decision will not have an effect on the relationship between the two countries, adding that the US and Pakistan work together on a broad range of issues, and we continue to engage with them on issues surrounding democracy, human rights, including freedom of religion, belief, as well as an important security partnership.

Responding to a question regarding the relation of the US with Pakistan and India, spox said US values its strong ties with both India and Pakistan, and these relationships are mutually beneficial and not competitive.

“There is a deep security partnership with Pakistan, including counterterrorism efforts. I saw those same reports of the recent attacks and would offer condolences to those who were impacted,” Mr Vedant on the surge of terror attacks in Pakistan carried out by the outlawed TTP.


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