Kim puts North Korean city under lockdown as 653 bullets go missing

Residents claimed that the authorities are spreading fear
<p>Photo: AFP/File</p>

Photo: AFP/File

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has put an entire city under strict lockdown after 653 bullets gone missing - and refuses to lift it until every single one is recovered.

According to reports, the bullets disappeared during a military withdrawal, prompting the North Korean leader to order officials to conduct a search of the city— a bold move that has stunned both domestic and international observers.

The decision came after soldiers reported that 653 bullets had gone missing during a recent training exercise.

Initially, soldiers attempted to find the ammunition themselves. But when the ammo could not be found anywhere, they notified the residents and began a rigorous search.

Security personnel have been stationed throughout the city, which has a population of around 200,000 people, with orders to conduct house-to-house searches until the missing ammunition is found.

It is unclear how long the lockdown will last, as the supreme leader has ordered that the city will not be allowed to open until every single bullet is found and returned.

“The city… will remain on lockdown until all 653 bullets are found,” an anonymous resident said.

The assault rifle ammunition was discovered missing on March 7.

The missing bullets are just the latest in a series of incidents that have raised concerns about North Korea’s military readiness. Earlier this week, the country conducted several missile tests that were widely condemned by the international community.


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