‘I gave up a lot, my inheritance from Pakistan,’ Adnan Sami opens up about moving to India

Adnan Sami Khan revealed a lot about why he moved to India and he gave up his properties in Pakistan for that

Indian singer, musician, and composer Adnan Sami Khan in his latest interview shared a lot about his decision to move to India and the reasons for leaving his homeland Pakistan.

Back in 2016, Adnan Sami gave up his Pakistani citizenship and acquired Indian nationality. After the official announcement, a chaos started in both India and Pakistan among the fans. He was slammed for giving up his homeland for money and fame.

Recently he confronted all the rumors and misconceptions about his decision to choose Indian nationality, he said, “Excuse me, do you have any idea what my family background is?” asked the singer. “Do you have any idea that money has never been a problem in my life? I have been blessed to have been born and brought up in a very well-to-do, wealthy family.”

He responded to the trolls who bashed him for going after wealth. He said that money was never an issue for him as he was born and raised in a very well-off family. He added, “Money, if at all, I have given up a lot because there’s a tremendous amount of stuff that I could have inherited from there (Pakistan) which I gave away.”

Adnan asked fans that why they cannot respect his decision and choice to live in India rather than Pakistan as he felt more comfortable and at home in India, why they wanted to force him to stay in a place he never felt like he belonged to. He replied, “The kind of love and appreciation I got over here, overwhelmed me as an artist.” According to him, Indians praised him more and gave respect to his music comparatively more than Pakistanis. They admired and valued his work which moved him and he took the shift to India permanently.

“There’s enmity between the two countries and that’s a political issue, but the point is, I have nothing to do with politics. I am a musician,” he talked about the rivalry between the two Asian nations and said, such issues were never his concern as his focus was his music and he never got involved into politics or the state controversy façade.

Adnan Sami’s decision to move to a rival state caused a massive upstir despite the fact that he gave hit music albums to both the nations. He not only recorded songs in Hindi/Urdu but also English, basically that is how he started his musical journey, “Run For His Life” was his first ever song he recorded for UNICEF and got on the No 1 in the music charts of the Middle East. He gave many hit songs to not only Pakistan but India as well and won special awards by UNICEF, Breakthrough Artist by MTV, he was also given special award from the UK Parliament for his outstanding performance in the Sub-Continent. He also won Best International Act award at the UK Asian Music Awards. He was awarded “Padma Shri” award by the Government of India, from the President of India himself in 2021.

Adnan and his first wife Pakistani veteran actor Zeba’s son Azaan Sami Khan has also earned a prominent place in the music and drama industry of Pakistan. Azaan’s most hit tracks are “Ik Lamha,” “Dildara,” “Main Tera,” “Saathiya,” “Ik Vari Sun Le,” “Jaadugari,” “Aashiqui,” and “Tu Hai Mera.”


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