‘One can be near God and still suffer from depression,’ Mathira slams Resham

Resham recently said, one only has depression when they’re distanced from Allah

Pakistani host and VJ Mathira, sparked a controversy when she took jibe at veteran actor Resham over her statement regarding mental health and religion.

A few days’ back Resham on a Ramadan transmission stated, “She does not believe in depression as depression is just a person’s distance from Allah. She said that even as a child if she ever missed her parents though her sister was a very good parent to her, she would place her faith in Allah.”

She faced immense backlash from netizens as well as some of her fans as well, some supported her point of view though some thought she was being vague about her statement.

TV host Mathira responded back to Resham’s statement and said, “Mental illness is there one can be near God and still suffer from depression! Sometimes some traumas don’t heal panic attacks anxiety needs to be treated with medication sometimes. I’ve walked this road of depression anxiety and also I read namaz but sometimes visiting a therapist it’s okay having medication for your mind it’s okay! Pls don’t confuse people.”

She disagreed with Resham’s opinion as she said that praying is a definite but visiting a therapist is also wise and helpful. She shared her personal experience with mental illness and said that she knows how it needs to be treated with medication as well as prayers.

Netizens also shared their point of view, a user said, “If this was true then all those who don’t believe in islam would have depression. Depression is not related to religion it is a chemical imbalance in Brain.” Another commented, “Pakistan and it’s society is lost. We will never recover from this. Allah gave you a brain.” On the other hand, many agreed with her as well, “Depression exists, it very much exists, faith helps in healing it.” A fan said, “That’s Absolute.”

Fans also responded to Mathira’s response, both positive and negatively. A user wrote, “That is correct but the cure of it is obviously being close to Allah or the Qur’an.” Though one also opposed the host’s opinion and commented, “Yeah she know, Mathira has been on deen maybe she didn’t like it.”







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