‘Women should be financially independent,’ says Yashma Gill

In a recent interview, Yashma revealed many interesting facts about her personal life

Pakistani actor Yashma Gill in a recent podcast with YouTuber Nadir Ali, opened up about many secrets of her life. The actor appeared on an episode of Nadir Ali’s podacasts, and shared how she coped with her early age depression phase and other problems.

She revealed that she got into depression at the age of 20, which might be due to the burden of responsibilities more than she can handle, though she got out of it by regular medication and having strong faith in Allah Almighty. She also shared a heartbreaking memory when she was also suicidal during her depression journey, she said that it might be due to having less faith in her religion. She quoted Hazrat Ali (R.A) by saying that, “Never inherit your religion, learn it.” Yashma thought she learnt Islam after her suicidal phase and came closer to Allah.

In another part of the podcast, she broke the rumor about her religion being Christianity, she said “Alhamdulillah I was a born Muslim, and the ‘Gill’ in my name is my caste, Punjabi Jutt use Gill as their second name.” People mistake it for her being a Christian.

To a question about her first car from her salary she responded, that she bought a Revo from her own money. Nadir Ali sarcastically exclaimed that does she have guards with her too, she responded, no as the society where she lives, guards are not allowed, so aren’t the dogs, as she bought Revo to take along her dogs to the beach. She is a dog person, but had to eventually give up her dogs to her friends, she had 2 Shih Tzu and 2 Cane Corso dogs.

When asked about her favourite actor, she responded, she only admires Feroze Khan, not in a way of liking but just acting, as he fulfils the persona of an ideal hero in Pakistani drama industry, though when it comes to liking she admires Ian Somerhalder who played the character of “Damon” in the famous TV series “The Vampire Diaries.”

She likes Momina Mustehsan as she thinks she is more natural and beautiful. Yashma said she likes less makeup look as they being actors always have heavy makeup put on their faces. She also expressed her love for her country and specially her city, said she cannot settle abroad, even after living for four years in Australia for her degree in Psychology. She used to work in a marketing firm there, and as soon as she came back wanted to be financially independent. Yashma said, “I did not want to be a burden on my father, though I knew my acting career makes him unhappy still it was a better choice than burdening him with my expenses and making him work and worry about it.” She shared a personal life experience with her fans, she told them that her father did not talk to her for more than a year after she started her acting career, eventually once she took her father and her sister for Umrah. Her family went out to get dates for relatives to bring back to Pakistan, there the dates vendor turned out to be her fan and offered them, high quality “Ajwa” dates as a gift, also they met many fans and received many gifts including “Ghilaaf-e-Kaaba” which changed the way her father thought about her work.

Yashma emphasized on women working and being financially independent and breaking the stereotypes, of women being financially dependent on men, she also added that woman always needs a companion, no matter what as the need for emotional affection and care can only be fulfilled this way.

The actor also expressed her thoughts about getting married as she prefers someone who is mentally and emotionally compatible and understanding for her, she wants her partner to feel personal when it comes to her emotions and feelings, and vice versa. Nadir Ali questioned about when will she get married and she responded that she is ready to get married, just looking for a potential person.




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