WhatsApp Windows app, more improved and familiar

WhatsApp windows app recently got some updates, that are more user-friendly and handy
Mar 28, 2023

Widely used messaging app, WhatsApp updates their Windows version for users all around the world. The interface of the Windows app has changed, it looks more like the one people have on their smartphones, as well as it has been faster and more reliable.

The updated version of the app is available for download from Windows Webstore and Chrome web store as well, under the name of its parent company, Meta. Users will experience a very similar app to the one present already on their phones, though including all the necessary features.

According to the Meta’s announcement on their blog post, the updated version will also support audio and video calls. The app can accommodate video call with up to eight users, and audio call with a maximum number of 32 users. Also, WhatsApp plans on increasing the limits with time to privilege those who are a social butterfly or prefer working online.

The privacy of the app remains intact even after the update, WhatsApp calls and video calls will stay end-to-end encrypted, keeping the text messages and media encrypted as well.

“WhatsApp is the biggest platform to offer secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging and calls across different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, Windows, and other technology devices. Providing you a platform which is secure and safe for messaging, calls and media sharing,” the blog post said.

Users can download the app from app stores directly. Meta also plans on adding several features, including the permissions for admin to control who can join the group and much more.








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