Henry Kissinger fears cold war between US, China on the horizon

Says it would be more brutal than previous cold war
<p>Henry Kissinger - Photo/Getty Images</p>

Henry Kissinger - Photo/Getty Images

Renowned former Secretary of State of the United States of America (USA) Henry Kissinger has issued a stark warning of the potential for a new cold war between the USA and China unless tensions between the two countries are eased.

With his storied career and decades of diplomatic experience, Kissinger is well-placed to assess the delicate international relations between the USA and China, and his words should not be taken lightly.

Henry expressed his views in an interview to Spanish Newspaper. He commented that this Cold War would be even more brutal than the one between the United States and the Soviet Union that spanned from the mid-1940s to the early 1990s.

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Kissinger added that both countries have economic resources that were not present in the previous Cold War.

The foreign minister of China has already warned that the new Cold War could be destructive for the world. Furthermore, Kissinger has previously warned that the conflict between the US and China could become one of the most serious challenges faced by humanity.

The tensions between the two superpowers have been increasing due to issues such as Taiwan Island, spying by balloons, and the improvement of relations between China and Russia. All of these have caused panic in the US.


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