Netizens spam social media with ‘Elon Khan’ memes

A man in Pakistan who resembles Tesla owner Elon Musk goes viral

Social media users have turned images of Elon Musk’s Pakistani lookalike into memes. Elon Musk is the creator of the popular American company Tesla and the social site Twitter.

Many are upset with the country’s present inflation and growing prices of necessities, and many are refraining from buying these items, particularly fruits, during the month of Mubarak. Hence netizens decided to turn towards memes, to entertain themselves in times of crisis.

Since buying fruits has become more difficult for many individuals due to inflation, fruit chaat is a need during Ramadan. Here comes one with Elon Khan in Pakistan.

A meme that depicts an Elon Musk doppelganger wearing a shalwar kameez and acting like a poor person has go.





Elon Musk


social media trolls

Ramadan 2023



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