Nawazuddin Siddiqui sues his brother and ex-wife over defamation case

The actor launches a defamation lawsuit for INR 1000 million against his ex-wife and younger brother

Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui filed a lawsuit for harassment and defamation through false charges against his brother Shamsuddin Siddiqui and ex-wife Alia Pandey alias Anjana Pandey.

The “Gangs of Wassaypur” star requested the court in his petition, “To order the removal of content from social media based on false charges made against him by his ex-wife and brother, as well as to forbid them from making similar false claims in the future. The actor further demanded that they issue written disclaimers for all fake accusations.”

As per his filed complaint, Nawazuddin accused his brother of financial theft and deceit and demanded the restoration of INR210m that had been fraudulently taken from them by his brother and his ex-wife.

He stated that the false accusations levelled against him by his brother and ex-wife had caused him to lose more than INR 1000 milion, and this should be resolved.

Earlier, Nawaz’s lawyer Pradeep Thorat revealed that the actor was unable to locate his children because they were absent from their Dubai schools, it was the petition’s original justification.

The Advocate claims that Siddiqui hasn’t personally seen his kids in a number of days. He will withdraw his petition if the judge permits him to see his children.

“I am aware of the conditions; I can obtain through my petition. I haven’t physically seen my kids in years. I am only worried about this. I will then withdraw the petition after that,” said Nawazuddin through his lawyer Pradeep.

In response, Shikhar Khandelwal, Aaaliya’s advocate claimed, “My client is ready to resolve the conflict. How is it possible that Nawaz doesn’t know anything about his kids, if his wife claims that the kids are living with her at Nawaz’s mother’s house? He is quite welcome to see his kids. He is the one who refuses to interact with them.”




Nawazuddin Siddiqui


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