“Drummers in Ramadan motivate to get married instead of waking up for sehri,” humours Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah sarcastically comments about drummers waking up for sehri in Ramadan

Alizeh Shah, a Pakistani actress, recently vented her dissatisfaction on Instagram about the people who play the drum at Suhur during the month of Ramadan, to wake people up.

The actress, who is renowned for her exquisite acting abilities and lovely appearance, shared some brand-new photos with her followers on social media.

“Ehd-e—Wafa” star expressed her views in a sarcastic way, with the individual who interrupts people’s sleep at Suhur by banging a drum in the holy month of Ramadan. The actor wrote, “Have to get up for Suhur, but this drummer awakens feelings for getting married.”

The actress used humour to express her annoyance, and her supporters couldn’t help but relate with her point of view.

Alizeh Shah’s post instantly gained a lot of attention from her friends and followers after going viral on social media. Many of them sent comments on her official account sharing their own encounters with local drummers.

“You too have drummers in your neighbourhood, wow!” exclaimed one enthusiast. Some were surprised to know that even “DHA” has drummers in Ramadan. Fans also inquired about when does she plan on getting married.




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