‘Aiman cooks for our family,’ Muneeb Butt reveals

Aiman Khan cooks food, as well as other women of the house, we don’t keep cooks says Muneeb Butt

Pakistani actors, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt got married back in 2018. The couple have a successful showbiz career going on, they have a daughter Amal Muneeb who is three years old.

The couple shares ultimate love for each other and do not hesitate from expressing it. In a recent appearance at a Ramadan show, Muneeb Butt shared a beautiful tradition of his family with fans. He said, “We don’t hire chefs because we have a rule that it is the women of the house who will cook the food. Because through this, we develop an emotional attachment with the food that your wife has made with her hands.”

The actor went on explaining, how he thinks it as a beautiful and wholesome tradition, which brings families closer, his wife Aiman Khan also cooks at their house along with other women of the family. He said that such things make men feel the love for their wives even more, as they appreciate that their wife has prepared the food for him with her own hands, and not only the taste but her love is also an ingredient in that food. Families prefer it when the women of the house cook as it is more hygenic, and well prepared, as compared to the one prepared by the cook or maids.

Muneeb also said that it is a precious and old tradition of Pakistan, which should be kept alive, as it spreads love and affection.





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