India claims Pakistani drone dropped heroin on its side of border

Indian border security forces claim drone dropped contraband in Amritsar district
<p>Artwork: Mussab Iqbal</p>

Artwork: Mussab Iqbal

Indian border security forces claimed that a drone from the Pakistani side of the border dropped over six kilograms of heroin near Toor village in the Ajnala subdivision of Amritsar district.

As reported by Hindustan Times, the on-duty personnel opened fire at the drone, but it managed to retreat. However, it dropped the narcotics.

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 Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times
Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

The troops stationed at the border allegedly detected the sound of a possible drone flying from Pakistan into Indian territory near Toor village in Amritsar district. The troops followed protocol and attempted to intercept the drone by firing.

Sharing details, a Border Security Force (BSF) spokesperson said, “On March 26, 2023, at 9.36 pm, our troops deployed at the border, heard a buzzing sound of a suspected flying object (drone) entering from Pakistan into Indian territory in the area near Toor village in Amritsar district. As per the laid down drill, troops endeavored to intercept the drone by firing.”

“Further, on March 27, 2023, during a thorough search of the area, the BSF troops recovered six big packets of heroin, weighing 6.2 kg, contained inside a bag and a bike without a number plate, from the wheat field of the village,” he added.



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