Imran Khan unveils PTI’s ‘economic revival roadmap’ at Lahore power show

Khan reiterates only govt with fresh mandate pull country out of quagmire
<p>Imran Khan addressing PTI workers in early hours of Sunday at Minar-i-Pakistan - Photo/Online</p>

Imran Khan addressing PTI workers in early hours of Sunday at Minar-i-Pakistan - Photo/Online

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supremo Imran Khan holding the incumbents responsible over current economic woes announced his 10-point recovery roadmap to pull Pakistan out of the quagmire at Minar-e-Pakistan power show.

Khan slams Punjab govt’s tactics to fail rally

At the oust of his hard hitting and lengthy address, the PTI chief slated the interim Punjab government over an alleged crackdown against PTI stalwarts ahead of a ‘mammoth public gathering’ saying they still want to spread chaos despite the court orders, adding his party workers were brutally tortured and police fired tear gas on them just because the workers were participating in a peace-full rally.

Khan praised the supporters for their presence despite hurdles and obstacles, saying that those in power must know that containers cannot stop people who want true independence. He added that fear was spread to frustrate the public meeting.

Imran fears another assassination plot

Mr Khan once again levelled allegations that some people in power plotted to take his life when he appeared at the judicial complex, adding The capital police kept launching tear gas and attempting to separate me from the crowd, so they could apprehend me without difficulty.

He feared that they wanted to eliminate hime in the same way as Murtaza Bhutto. “When we arrived at the judicial complex, the capital police began throwing stones at us. One of my employees informed me that a great number of unidentified people were waiting for me inside the judicial complex and that there was a well-organized plan to murder me. Fortunately, we managed to flee the scene,” said ousted premier.

Ousted PM reiterates his stance to hold snap polls

The PTI chief took a jibe at electoral supervisor over elections date fiasco said the constitution of Pakistan bluntly says that election cannot be delayed more than 90 days, adding “How ECP is delaying them when Supreme Court (SC) has announced the date? How (ECP) will arrange resources in October?. Even the IMF clarified that they do not have reservations regarding the conduct of elections.”

He went on to say that the only way to uplift the country from these miseries is a free and fair election, only an elected and public support holder prime minister can make tough decisions, which are now inevitable.

Imran shares PTI’s roadmap to prosperity

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a 10-point program to pull Pakistan out of the economic crisis. He said that overseas Pakistanis will be encouraged to invest in the country to attract foreign direct investments and avoid going to the IMF. He also said that the government will facilitate those who export and bring dollars into the country.

Mr Khan said that tourism will be promoted and the minerals sector will be focused on generating revenue. He also said that the small and medium industries will be revived and the tax net will be increased to generate revenue. The housing financing scheme and regularization of katchi abadis (slums) and the health card program will be resumed.

The government will also take measures to increase agri productivity with the cooperation of China. Money laundering will be stopped and the current account deficit will be curtailed.

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