Take control of your health this Ramadan by quitting smoking

Ramadan can provide perfect opportunity for smokers to quit this dangerous habit
<p>Artwork: Muhammad Talal/SAMAA TV</p>

Artwork: Muhammad Talal/SAMAA TV

Smoking is a bad habit that causes numerous types of cancer and leads to 7 million deaths worldwide each year, including 160,000 in Pakistan.

According to experts in heart and chest diseases, the rate of smoking and related complications in Pakistan is continuously increasing.

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However, Ramadan can provide a perfect opportunity for smokers to quit this dangerous habit.

Professor Sohail Akhtar, Head of Chest Diseases Department at Indus Hospital, suggests that Ramadan is an excellent time to give up bad habits and adopt good ones.

Smoking is a leading preventable disease worldwide, causing heart attacks, strokes, and many other illnesses. Moreover, tobacco addiction is difficult to overcome but not impossible.

Dr. Sohail Khan, a cardiologist at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, adds that quitting smoking during Ramadan is an act of worship and taking care of one’s health.

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He explains that if a person can abstain from eating and drinking for 14 to 16 hours, then quitting smoking is certainly achievable.

To quit smoking during Ramadan, Dr. Sohail Khan advises smokers to set a target of reducing cigarettes gradually for a week, and then give it up forever.

Quitting smoking during Ramadan can provide lifelong benefits for individuals and those around them.

Furthermore, Dr. Sohail Khan stresses that smoking is the leading cause of heart disease and cancer, contributing to seven million annual deaths worldwide and 160,000 in Pakistan.

He suggests that smokers should take advantage of Ramadan to eliminate this dangerous habit from their lives.

The experts recommend a six-week target to quit smoking, including the four weeks of Ramadan and the two weeks before or after the holy month.


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