Official Hajj to cost over Rs1.175m this year, as compared to Rs826,000 last year

Specific bank branches to receive pilgrimage applications on weekends also now
Mar 23, 2023
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Expenses for the holy Hajj pilgrimage have skyrocketed this year, as the Religious Affairs Minister has increased the package by Rs350,000.

SAMAA TV reports that global inflation and increase in the cost of food along with inflated accommodation rates has become the main reason.

In Pakistan this year, the official Hajj expenditure has jumped to over Rs1.175 million, while it was Rs826,000 the last time.

Not only this, the pilgrims will have to pay the sacrificial animal cost separately.

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Last year, the mandatory expenses for Hajj were Rs300,000, which has increased by Rs56,000 this time. The visa fee has increased from Rs16,000 to Rs22,275, and airfare by Rs70,000 to Rs250,000.

Moreover, food and drink expenses for the pilgrims have increased 100%. Last year, the cost of food and drink for 38 days was Rs53,440, which will be over Rs100,000 this time.

The accommodation expenses have also increased by 70%. In Makkah, the rents have increased by around Rs82,000, and in Madinah Rs41,000.

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The transport expenses for Hajj pilgrims have skyrocketed from Rs61,000 to Rs112,000.

The Hajj package also includes Rs43, 882 as rail fare, the Zam Zam water charges are Rs1,100 instead of Rs721. An amount of Rs12,000 is also being charged for medicines, and vaccines, etc.

Applications to be collected on weekends also

Meanwhile, in order to facilitate Hajj pilgrims, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced that specific bank branches will receive applications on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) also.

More than 26,000 applications have been received by banks till March 22, as per the ministry.

The number of applicants, who are depositing the Hajj fee in dollars, rose to over 2,000.

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The ministry further said submitting a vaccination certificate of complete doses is mandatory to be submitted to banks before departure. The ministry statement further stated that apart from Nadra, a foreign vaccine certificate will also be acceptable.

Intending pilgrims will also have to purchase the sacrificial animal coupon themselves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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It is pertinent to note that the amount of a sacrificial animal can be up to 700 to 1000 riyals this year.

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