No load shedding during sehri, iftar and tarawih: Energy ministry

Uninterrupted power supply during Ramadan's holy hours


As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the Ministry of Energy Wednesday announced a major relief for fasting Muslims, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during the hours of sehri, iftar and tarawih.

The federal energy ministry said that it will ensure continuous provision of electricity during Ramadan’s holy hours throughout the month.

Reportedly, the concerned authorities have completed all operational arrangements and finalized a comprehensive strategy.

There will be no electricity outage during two hours of Sehri, one hour during Iftar and two hours during Tarawih, said a ministry’s spokesperson.

In case of transformer failure, additional transformers will be made available, and special teams will be formed for ‘redressal of grievances’ at subdivision level.

The power division, in this regard, has sought details of supply and demand from all the power distribution companies.

The ministry has also instructed all electricity supplying companies to comply with the order.

Moreover, control rooms will be established at the operational circle level to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Load Shedding

Ramadan 2023

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