‘Aiman and Minal disrespect their staff,’ says former employee

The former employee accuses sisters Aiman, and Minal of mistreatment

Pakistani actors Aiman Khan and Minal Khan, the identical twin sisters who run the well-known company “Aiman Minal Closet,” were in deep water when one of their former employees, Ali Hamid, accused both sisters of failing to pay his wages for six months.

The former employee stated on his social media handle, while posting screenshots of his communication with Minal and Aiman’s brother Maaz, “I’ve now reached the point where I’m writing about my bad experience at Aiman Minal Closet after pleading for my own money for six months. I have been employed by them for over a year now. But they never paid me on time”.

Furthermore, he said, “They don’t pay their employees despite being this famous, and if you address Maaz (their brother) about payment, he always promises to transfer it the following week, but you never actually receive the salary.” “They constantly disrespect them and treat them like slaves, but they never pay the wages. They owe me exactly $80,000, and I’m sick of pressurizing them for it. I keep sending them messages, but I never hear back,” said Ali, their former employee.



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