‘I never threw my director under the bus,’ says Urwa Hocane for Nadeem Baig

Urwa Hocane expresses deep hurt by Nadeem Baig’s comments

Nadeem Baig and Urwa Hocane collaborated on the blockbuster movie “Punjab Nahi Jaungi.” Around six years later, when asked about the celeb he has had the most difficulties working with, he picked Urwa after which she felt targeted by him and decided to call it out, stating that the artists already face enough backlash for their dance in item numbers.

Urwa shared her perspective on the incident on Instagram, writing, “It’s so unfortunate that the formats of our shows are such that each member of the industry has to put the other down for the sake of ratings in the garb of fun. Now that it’s come to this I would like to elaborate on my side of the story, Nadeem bhai and I have only done one project together & had one difference of opinion about the song “Lak Hilna” where we eventually went with his aesthetics, choice of song and the dance step as I sensed he was unwilling to hold a discussion probably because as a society we have become so intolerant to a difference of opinion especially when it’s a woman,” she explained broken heartedly.

The “Udaari” star added, “Despite being extremely trolled for the song I never threw my director under the bus out of respect for him. I am so hurt by how my personality is being misrepresented publicly merely for holding a healthy discussion on set which I believe is a basis of teamwork while in all these years it was never pointed out to me in person.”

Furthermore, she said, “I must admit some of it is my fault as when I started working & all through my initial years, I was only wise enough to know that voicing one’s creative ideas/inputs is what one is supposed to do as a team. Today I am wiser to not be at a workplace where I sense regressive and repulsive behaviour towards having an idea/input and where one’s voice is impulsively dismissed as a woman. This may leave one with a few work options in our small industry but I’d rather be my true authentic self as I don’t know another way to be.”

Urwa seemed to be very disappointed and heartbroken by the director’s opinion as she never took anything he said for granted and always respected him. She also said, “I think life for actors is hard enough by being in the public eye & so prone to unnecessary trolling at all times, how nice would it be if our dear colleagues didn’t play a part in instigating the audience further to target a certain individual. it’s hurtful and malicious. I really hope this makes everyone understand that these games can actually be harmful to someone’s mental health & well-being. let’s take it easy on everyone.”

The actor closed his Instagram story with such positive and optimist remarks for people to understand, “Let’s celebrate & encourage each other’s work and respect & motivate the good in each other while we still can, life is too short and all one is left with is regrets when it’s too late #saynotobullying.”

According to Urwa, as a society, we have developed an intolerance for opposing viewpoints, particularly those held by women. She mentioned that she has never had it personally pointed out to her, hence she was really offended by how her personality was being misconstrued publicly just for having a productive conversation on set.



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