US Centcom commander ‘satisfied’ with Pak nuclear program

Gen Kurilla mentions longstanding, close military relationship with Pakistan, army chief Gen Asim Munir
Mar 19, 2023
<p>Gen Asim Munir and Gen Michael Kurilla. Photo: SAMAA Digital</p>

Gen Asim Munir and Gen Michael Kurilla. Photo: SAMAA Digital

The United States Central Command, or Centcom, has commended the Pakistan Army leadership as well as the country’s nuclear program.

In a meeting of the US Senate Armed Services Committee a few days earlier, US Centcom Commander General Michael E. Kurilla was questioned about Pakistan’s nuclear program and its stability.

In response, the general spoke about his longstanding and close military relationship with Pakistan and army chief Gen Asim Munir.

General Kurilla said Pakistan’s nuclear system is safe and America is satisfied with it.

The head of the US Central Command said he had confidence in the security procedures of Pakistan’s nuclear program. He also spoke of his good relations with Chief of Army Staff Gen Asim Munir.

To a question from Senator Angus King about his assessment of the stability and long-term prospects of stability of Pakistan’s nuclear program, the general remarked that presently the budget of Pakistan, its financial conditions and the political situation are the concerns right now.

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Gen Kurilla also said the counter-terrorism situation is also a problem, as attacks by the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan have increased significantly since the end of a ceasefire with the banned group.



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