Police force used in Islamabad to contain armed PTI mobs: Rana Sanaullah

Minister says upcoming polls against Constitution, no one will accept results


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah lashed out at former prime minister Imran Khan, saying the PTI chairman “attacked” the judicial complex in Islamabad on Saturday along with armed mobs, misbehaved with the judge, and broke the main gate.

Addressing a news conference in Faisalabad on Sunday, the firebrand PML-N leader was responding to the allegations levelled by Imran Khan in his virtual address to the nation earlier in the day.

Justifying the police action, he questioned what was the logic behind the “mob” entering the judicial complex, asking what would have been the situation if armed men entered the premises.

If this tradition continues, anyone who goes to court will take armed groups along to pressurize and trample the law, he feared.

The minister further claimed Imran Khan wanted hooliganism and mayhem at the judicial complex, saying the police force contained the armed workers.

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On the allegations of corruption against the ruling coalition leaders, the PML-N leader asked where was Farah Gogi, reiterating that Imran caused a loss of Rs5 billion to the national treasury.

He further alleged that the former premier minted money when his government was in power, and demanded he answer for all the ‘corruption’.

“Imran Khan will have to answer for the Toshakhana theft and the loot and plunder through Farah Gogi,” he remarked.

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Rana Sanaullah also took on the PTI chief for the inappropriate language used for police officers, and retorted that Bushra Bibi has a stake in all the alleged corruption committed during the previous PTI government.

The minister said Imran Khan should tell if there were no terrorists at Zaman Park, or if police men were not attacked.

“Weren’t petrol bombs used? Police vehicles were not burnt?” he questioned, adding the media has reported everything to the entire nation.

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Rana Sana claimed Imran Khan is a miscreant, who wants chaos in the country. He added the PTI chairman destroyed the economy in his four years in power.

The minister further remarked that the upcoming elections are against the Constitution, claiming no one will accept the results of these elections.

“These elections will create new rifts and conflicts. They will give rise to anarchy in the country. This is the purpose of Imran Khan and he dissolved the assemblies for the same objective,” the PML-N leader added.

Whenever elections are held, Imran Khan will be ‘minused’ with the power of vote.

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