Dua Malik slams Aliza Sultan over her Q&A session

Aliza Sultan posted a Q&A session on her Instagram stories a few days back

Host and social media influencer Dua Malik has been quite outspoken on social media regarding a variety of social issues. Dua Malik frequently supported her brother Feroze Khan and stood by his side through thick and thin.

She stood by her brother’s side during the recent scandal about Feroze Khan. She was criticised for standing up for her brother as well. Dua Malik recently spoke on behalf of her brother once more.

Syeda Aliza Sultan answered all of the questions from the audience during a Q&A session in which she asked the audience to ask the “unanswerable questions”. She answered the questions from the followers regarding her life after the divorce reasonably.

Ms Sultan commented about parenting her children alone and planning to marry in the future, to which Dua Malik reacted by taunting her.

In a recent Instagram story, Dua Malik made fun of Syeda Aliza Sultan by writing, “Just scrolling over social media. Consider how craven for attention people have gotten in recent years. I observe people who have accomplished nothing in life, have no talent and are putting a lot of effort into achieving fame. Damn, what’s going on with the society. For the money, people will do anything.” She continued by calling social media a plague.



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