Imran alleges police wanted to kill or arrest him from Islamabad court

PTI chief says will be filing case against all policemen who broke into his house, Mohsin Naqvi, Punjab IGP
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Former prime minister Imran Khan has alleged that the police and law enforcement agencies were all set to either kill him or arrest and transport him to Balochistan when he appeared in an Islamabad court on Saturday.

He also announced a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan on Wednesday, which he claimed would be a “referendum” against the rulers.

Addressing the nation via a video link on Sunday afternoon, Imran Khan said when he left for Islamabad, police kept blocking his way to seclude him.

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“When I reached the court premises, there were police and Rangers all around. They started baton-charging and teargassing our supporters. Police were well-prepared to kill me in that mayhem,” he alleged.

The PTI chief alleged that all of this was happening to keep me away from elections.

“If I hadn’t left the court, there would have been bloodshed, which could have spread across the country.”

An angry Imran lashed out at the police for breaking into his house while his wife, Bushra Bibi, was all by herself at home with a few servants.

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“I want to ask police officers, army officers, judges, the public, how could anyone enter a private residence when a religious, non-political, veiled woman is home alone? How would these officers feel if it happened to them?” Imran questioned.

He alleged that the security forces looted his house in the name of a search, violated high court orders of sending just two officers for the purpose.

Imran then declared that he would be filing a case against every single officer who broke into his house, and moving the Lahore High Court for contempt.

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He also lashed out at the election commission for selecting such a “biased” interim government and chief minister for such vengeful tactics. He announced that he would be filing cases against Mohsin Naqvi and the police chief for murder of Zille Shah and Saturday’s operation at Zaman Park.

“After yesterday, the situation has got out of hands and no one can control it. The only solution is free and fair elections,” Imran announced.

Earlier in his address, the PTI chairman claimed he never broke any law. He further said 96 cases were filed against him, adding every time he stepped out of his house, a new case was filed.

He alleged that the rulers want to remove him from their paths, and also held them responsible for the murder attempt on him with help from their “handler”.

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“They are now covering up everything through their favorite chief minister, Mohsin Naqvi, who calls Zardari his father,” he claimed.

Imran then asked his young supporters to “wake up”, or they would be responsible for the destruction of the country.

The former premier also recounted events from March 8 when he had planned an election rally. The next day, he said, police were deployed and containers put up despite permission, and Section 144 imposed.

Water canons and tear gas were being fired, police were damaging cars. I cancelled the rally to avoid chaos. “They don’t want elections despite the election commission and the establishment supporting them,” he alleged.

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