Pakistan ranks 7th most powerful military in world

Pakistan outperformed Japan, France, Italy, Turkey and Brazil in just one year
<p>Photo: AFP/File</p>

Photo: AFP/File

Pakistan has been ranked 7th out of 145 nations in military strength by the Global Firepower Index, an online military ranking website based in the United States. This marks a significant rise in Pakistan’s ranking from previous years, with the country climbing two spots in just one year.

The Global Firepower Index uses over 60 individual factors to determine a nation’s PowerIndex score, taking into account various categories such as military might, financial standing, logistical capability, and geography.

According to the review report, Pakistan has secured the seventh spot as one of the world’s most powerful military forces by efficiently enhancing its defense capabilities despite limited resources.

In the current list, the country holds a Power Index score of 0.1694 (0.0000 considered ‘perfect’).

Pakistan has outperformed Japan, France, Italy, Turkey and Brazil in this domain and has climbed two ranks in just one year.

The United States ranked number one on the list, followed by Russia, China, India, United Kingdom and South Korea.


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