Lahore police claim recovering arms from Imran Khan’s residence

Recovery made following operation at ex-PM's residence Zaman Park

Lahore police on Saturday claimed recovering weapons from the residence of former prime minister Imran Khan during a grand operation at Zaman Park.

The police officials said that they recovered 18 rifles, catapults and other items from the residence, but added that the weapons appeared ‘official’.

No legal action was taken so far against the confiscated goods and interference with official business.

Consultations were underway whether a new case will be filed against the arrested persons or charges added to the previous one.

Lahore Police on Saturday noon launched another operation at Imran Khan’s residence Zaman Park with resulted in several casualties, including policemen and PTI activists owing to sporadic clashes.

Notably, the operation was carried out at a time when Imran Khan is away to attend a hearing in an Islamabad court.

More than 1,000 security personnel took part in the grand operation conducted after previous unsuccessful rounds at the location to arrest Imran Khan.

The police have removed camps set up outside Imran Khan’s residence using cranes.

PTI activists confronted the police as it removed impediments leading to Imran’s residence.

The activists pelted stones at the security personnel and beat them up with batons, leaving at least three policemen injured who were shifted to Services Hospital.

The police retaliated with baton-charge and managed to break through the gate of Zaman Park using a crane and gain entry into the premises.

According to reports, several PTI workers had been arrested during the operation.

The police officials justified the operation, saying that they had search warrants issued by an anti-terrorism court on the request of the police’s investigation wing.

For the first time, the Lahore police involved the investigation wing for operations. The investigation wing also made the CIA contingent a part of the operation.

They added that female security personnel also took part in the operation, rebuffing the claims of the former premier that the police barged into his house with male personnel only.

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