Comedy king Kapil Sharma responds to resigning co-workers’ gossip

Kapil Sharma, the host of the most-watched comedy show in India, finally spoke out over the departure of his previous fellows

In an event to promote his latest movie, “Zwigato,” Kapil Sharma was asked about the gossip around his comedy show and what he thought of the claims that he is arrogant and insecure.

“Do you not accept other people’s achievements, and this is why you kicked out other actors from the show?” the host questioned Kapil.

In answer, Kapil acknowledged that although he once had a short rage scene, though he has now grown out of it.

“I’ve never felt awkward with anyone, therefore I only invited people I admired or loved to be on my show,” Kapil Sharma said. He added, “I acted on impulse a lot. When I was angry, I could not control myself, but now I have changed. I used to admire good work.”

“Others claim that I have rivals and have developed hatred, but this is false,” he stated. “You should ask these very people why they don’t want to work with me if you think I’m an egotistical guy,” he further continued.

“Sure,” Kapil replied. Despite the argument Sunil and Kapil had, he still gets along well with all of them, he said.

As Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma fell out in 2017, Sunil left the show. Later, due to financial and production problems, Ali Asghar and Krishna Abhishek also left.




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