NCA hosts fascinating ‘Droshum’ art exibition

Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery at the National College of Arts hosted a captivating art exhibition titled “Droshum” complimenting the Baloch culture.

The exhibition showcased the works of artists; Prof. Dr Akram Dost Baloch (the National Award Celebrity, and Pride of Performance recipient in 2004) and Doda Baloch, who hails from Balochistan.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Consulate General of The Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr Mehran Movahed Far, and was attended by many esteemed art lovers and enthusiasts. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr Murtaza Jafri expressed his honour to host the exhibition.

The works of the two artists captured the essence of the two extremes - the precise and local on one hand, and the universal and natural on the other. Doda’s works focused on facial expressions and traditional designs, while Akram Dost’s works explored textures and natural forms such as rocks, rills, and furrows.

The Balochi word, “Droshum” means form and expression, embodying the essence of all contemplations. The exhibition explored the theme of form in nature, which is ubiquitous in everything from the mystery of inanimate matter to the humane face and cultural garb, from the grandest mountains to the tiniest pebbles, from the intricate web of veins to the swirling patterns of the galaxies. It is not only a visual experience, but also has a tactile, emotional, and intellectual impact, a language that speaks to everyone at all times.

Additionally, the exhibition was complemented by soulful performances of Baloch folk musicians who came all the way from Quetta to perform in Lahore for the first time. The performances by Wazeer Khan Bugti, Khawand Baksh Bugti, Hosain Baksh Bugti, Arz Muhammad Bugti and Naeem Dilpul were a highlight of the event, enchanting the audience with their traditional music and adding to the overall cultural richness of the exhibition.





balochi singer


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