Azekah Daniel opens up about her prior jobs

Azekah explained the professions she opted for before stepping foot into the drama industry, she used to be a teacher and an air hostess.

Azekah Daniel, a Pakistani actress and model, has disclosed that before becoming an actor, she worked as an air hostess, where an awful incident also occurred.

When questioned about her occupation prior to beginning her acting career during a recent appearance on a private TV show, Azekah said that she was a teacher.

Azekah went on to say that she used to educate kids before getting her ideal job as an air hostess. The model shared her experience by saying, “Once, as we were flying from Sialkot to Kuwait, lightning struck the aircraft and it felt like a bomb had gone off. We were all terrified and sat down. Clouds were the issue as far as I know.”

The actress admitted that six months after the incident, she quit her work. She received show cause warnings for failing to show up when the van arrived to pick her up, but she didn’t feel like going so she resigned from her job.



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