Netizens backlash Malala for being invited to Oscars

Malala has been the talk of the town since she walked the red carpet at the 95th Academy Awards, and the entire globe has been inspired by her presence.
Mar 16, 2023

Malala’s iconic sequin gown has been making rounds on the internet. Pakistani netizens frequently criticise her presence on social media, however very few go so far as to make personal comments. Several people even questioned her presence at the Oscars.

Malala’s success and her accomplishments are often disregarded, but Pakistanis must comprehend why Malala was invited to the illustrious event and what she has contributed to the film industry, despite the fact that most do so consciously.

Why Malala was invited?

Malala entered the movie industry in 2022 when she founded the “Extracurricular” production company. She has worked on intriguing projects with Apple TV and has produced movies like Joyland under the label.

“Stranger at the Gates,” a moving video that Malala produced about how meetings with a Muslim family change a racist’s plans to attack a nearby mosque, received an Oscar Award nomination for best short documentary film.

Beyond Pakistan, Malala’s message of the value of education for women and girls finds resonance. It is an important message for women and girls everywhere, particularly in industrialised nations where gender inequality is still a problem. Malala is not only encouraging change in Pakistan but also motivating change all around the world by speaking up in favour of women’s rights and girls’ right to education.

Malala’s accomplishments should make Pakistanis proud, and they should recognise her as a role model for Muslim and Pakistani women. They ought to encourage her in her efforts to advance women’s rights and education rather than condemning her. They can achieve this by contributing to the construction of a brighter future for all Pakistanis, regardless of their gender, age, or demographics.


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