Ravish your wardrobes with GulAhmed’s extravagant Festive Eid Unstitched Collection 2023

Suit yourself with GulAhmed’s embellished statement outfits that suit your aura and make you stand out

With Ramadan around the corner, GulAhmed’s festive Eid collection hit the stores recently, providing ravishing and elegant outfits that complement one’s look, providing a complete range of 90+ 3-piece suits.

Eid outfits will soon be the talk of the town as Ramadan would be here soon, this year Eid would be expected in the spring season which calls for exquisite yet soft dresses that elevate fashion bars with comfort.

GulAhmed has brought forth a wide range of 3-piece suits that not only stars delicacy with utter elegance but also gives a comfortable feel with their fine fabrics. The calming colour schemes are most suited this season alongside the intricate embroidery that highlights the fashion statement.

The unstitched Eid collection has a very versatile range of suits with various colours and numerous designs. GulAhmed has a name when it comes to fabric and colours, non-fading dyes and soft yet elegant fabric with durability as well.

Knowing the definitive taste of customers, GulAhmed has launched a wide range of Festive Collections to cater for all needs of their valued customers.

The Glamour Edition:

Eid Clothing always has a special place in wardrobes, and even a more special place if the outfit is embellished, embroidered and of the delicate net.

The summary pastel-coloured hue of this sequin embroidered net dupatta compliments the soft and delicate personality with a touch of glamour. The sequins embroidered net shirt with embroidered borders for the shirt front and back with a dyed inner and trousers make the perfect combo for Eid clothes.


Highlighting the sentiment of femininity, GulAhmed’s Mehr-un-Nisa Eid Collection has a whole bunch of soft and lightly embroidered Eid clothes.

An off-white floral embroidered stripe dupatta with a printed jacquard shirt and embroidered border for the front and sleeves on organza having a dyed inner and trouser is the perfect fit for a minimalist mindset customer that adores small yet trendy embroidery on clothes.

A baby-pink outfit is always on the go for every woman, an embroidered organza dupatta with a shirt having embroidered organza front and sleeves with the embroidered neckline on organza. A plus one for dyed organza back with dyed inner and trousers.

Royal Blue has been the Haute style of festivities. Mehr-un-Nissa features an embroidered stripe dupatta with embroidered printed paper cotton front and printed paper cotton back and sleeves. Completes the look with matching inner and trousers.

Nigaah-e-Shauq Festive Eid Collection:

With their bright and shimmering colours, this collection’s name clearly speaks for itself, for those who adore bright and bold colours with the light yet intricate embroidery.

Shocking pink Eid clothes with gold & lacquer printed cotton net dupatta are always on the go for cheery and warm personalities. A jacquard shirt with embroidered neckline & embroidered handwork borders on the cotton net for the front, back and sleeves with dyed trousers.

A bright summery orange-coloured outfit with gold printed net dupatta styles the right for an occasion like Eid. A gold & lacquer printed cotton net shirt with handwork on the front & sleeves. dyed inner & trouser.

Desi Luxe Premium Unstitched:

An “always adored” black outfit with gold printed jacquard dupatta. An embroidered zari paper cotton shirt with embroidered borders for the front & back and dyed inner with trousers is a perfect pair for those who love to style “all-black” on important occasions as their signature style.

The perfect combination of green and off-white to fashion the embroidered cotton net dupatta with zari & sequins. The embroidered jacquard front & sleeves with zari & sequins with dyed jacquard back makes the elite look of a fashionista woman. The embroidered border for the front & back on the organza with zari & sequins with dyed trousers is the perfect pair.

A perfect blend of pastel hues featuring GulAhmed’s Desi Luxe Premium with embroidered stripe dupatta and an embroidered paper cotton shirt with embroidered borders styled with a dyed inner & trousers. A light combo of tea pink dupatta with a light green trouser-shirt sounds perfect.

Chikankari Festive Eid Collection:

Deep red Eid clothes never disappoint so does GulAhmed bringing an all-red zari & sequins dupatta with foil embroidered borders and a silver foil embroidered lawn shirt with front & side panels, back and sleeves with front & back borders.

Pastel yellow is one of the summer’s favourite hues as it compliments the hot and sunny weather with a cool vibe, GulAhmed’s festive collection features a yellow zari & sequins dupatta with foil embroidered lawn borders and a silver foil embroidered lawn shirt with a dyed trouser.


This collection entitles timeless styles for an elegant wardrobe. Made in luxurious fabrics with heritage craft technique.

The striking contrast of shocking pink and orange was brought out by GulAhmed in their festive collection by introducing a burnout organza dupatta with embroidered borders and an embroidered lawn front panels & sleeves shirt with dyed lawn back with an embroidered border for the front & back on organza paired with a dyed trouser.

Who doesn’t love peaches? The peach-coloured embroidered net dupatta with a shirt having an embroidered dobby front & sleeves with dyed back and dyed trousers charms the elegance of every woman that wants to value decent yet trendy outfits.

Pari Mahal Festive Collection:

As the name speaks for itself the fairytale collection comprises articles with utter grace and elegance of gold and whites mixed with other brighter shades to bring out the delicacy and royalty.

Festive Embroidered collection:

Embroidered Eid clothes never go out of style.

A royal blue and sea-green combo is one of the best ones when it comes to contrasts. Blue and sea green, embroidered printed chiffon dupatta. embroidered leno shirt front & sleeves with an embroidered border for front & back on organza is the best to get your hands on without having the doubt of colour fading as GulAhmed standardizes its collection with non-fading fabrics.

Trancia Silk:

Silk has no season, whether cold or warm, when it comes to festivities, silk is the first preference due to its elegance and shiny yet glossy texture with a rich feel of shine and softness.

A royal affair of blue and white is a style statement in itself, a printed tissue silk dupatta and a printed lawn shirt with the embroidered neckline on organza completes the look on “meethi eid.”

Full embroidered shirts enhance the grace of an already glamorous dress, a green printed dobby dupatta with an embroidered lawn shirt with the embroidered neckline on organza.

Band Baaja:

The collection features an elite-coloured collection with a desi touch.

A dull mustard and blue hue look even more ravishing when designed on a glitter-printed lawn shirt with laced borders and motifs on the front and a glitter-printed lawn dupatta.

Black and Gold are for the ones preferring royalty on the festivities, get your hands on the glitter & lacquer printed lawn dupatta. glitter & lacquer printed lawn shirt in gold and black.

GulAhmed Luxury Collection:

Pastel shades are the “new black.” As much as bright and dazzling shades attract, GulAhmed’s pastel luxury collection features pastel colours that emit elegance and softness with their soft feel and delicate embroidery.

Luxurious pastel pink, blue, yellow, green and purple shades are worth every penny this festive season.

This beautiful and eye-catching lilac shade embroidered organza dupatta with an embroidered lawn front & sleeves and dyed lawn back with organza applique rules the season.

Banarsi Gold Printed Collection:

GullAhmed’s Banarsi outfits are the highlight of any fancy occasion, how to compliment the exquisite taste of the person by adoring them in embellished and prominent attire.

A rust-coloured glitter-printed lawn dupatta and a glitter-printed lawn shirt with dyed trousers having the Banarsi block printed gold designs on the whole outfit puts it into a different array of fashion.

Eid Do-Pehar:

Eid days also demand some semi-formal outfits for you to make you feel comfy and elegant at the same time so you can enjoy the evening tea and light snacking with your friends and family on Eid evenings.

Lightly embroidered sky-blue foam printed lawn dupatta. lacquer printed lawn shirt with crochet lace. printed trouser provides you with rich comfort and lightness after a long Eid day, equally making you look fresh and casual for a little get-together.

Brocade Banarsi Gold Printed Collection:

Popular clothing line GulAhmed Lawn’s Banarsi Gold Printed Collection boasts elaborate and baroque gold printed patterns on premium lawn fabric. The collection draws inspiration from the conventional Banarsi fabric and blends elements of it into contemporary patterns, making it ideal for both casual and formal use. The collection comes in a variety of hues, fashion-forward looks, and occasion-appropriate patterns. Overall, the Banarsi Gold Printed Collection is proof of GulAhmed’s dedication to producing classy attire that blends traditional features with modern style.

Purple is the second love of every woman that desires elegance, with GulAhmed’s Banarsi Gold Printed collection, a purple gold & lacquer printed lawn dupatta with gold & lacquer printed lawn shirt concludes the fashion statement in style and elegance.

Gold on dark pink provides the perfect dress for weddings and Eid parties, featuring the pink and gold glitter & lacquer printed lawn dupatta with glitter & lacquer printed lawn shirt from their Banarsi Gold Printed Collection this year.


The combination of tie and dye dupattas with solid-coloured embroidered shirts sounds intriguing so does GulAhmed’s Peerhan Festive Collection.

Bright orange blended with white to create a masterpiece out of an old yet ever-loved trend is the speciality of GulAhmed’s Peerhan collection’s embroidered printed lawn dupatta with zari & sequins and a gold & lacquer printed lawn shirt.

Mann Rasya Festive Collection:

A mix of desi and floral dresses with gold paint and motifs is brought to you by GulAhmed’s Mann Rasya Festive Collection.

A combo of green, orange and shocking pink absolutely stands out and makes you dazzle in an ethnic way of fashion, an embroidered zari dupatta with a printed lawn shirt with the embroidered neckline on organza with lurex & sequins and a printed trouser with embroidered border on organza with lurex & sequins completes the look for a colourful eid.

Glitterati Festive Collection:

As the name suggests, all that glitter is not gold but can be GulAhmed’s Glitterati collection with antique yet shining painted outfits.

A deep blue glitter-printed lawn dupatta with a glitter-printed lawn shirt with gota lace and a dyed trouser never disappoints.

GulAhmed’s Festive Eid Unstitched Collection 2023 is available online and in stores as well. Visit https://www.gulahmedshop.com/ to shop online.




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