US supports diplomacy between India, Pakistan to resolve longstanding disputes

America is prepared to partner with both countries, and support that process in any way for regional peace
Mar 10, 2023

The United States on Thursday stated that it supports diplomacy and constructive dialogues between Pakistan and India to resolve longstanding disputes.

This was stated by US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price during his daily news briefing in Washington.

He emphasized that the US supports constructive dialogue, and meaningful diplomacy between India and Pakistan in the first instance to resolve longstanding conflicts.“ We are willing to support that process in any way that they deem appropriate, but ultimately these are decisions that India and Pakistan themselves are going to have to make.“

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If they agree on a particular role for the United States, the United States is prepared to, as a partner to both countries, support that process in any way that we responsibly can. But ultimately, it is not for the United States to determine the modalities or the way in which India and Pakistan engage one another, he added.

He made this statement in response to a question about the peace and security of South Asia mainly because of Pakistan-India tensions.

US or global help to Pakistan that goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians or military dictators

On the other hand, when he was asked to share his views about the US or global help to Pakistan that goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians or military dictators, Ned Price replied “These are questions for the Pakistani people to decide for themselves. The United States does not take a position. We only take a position in support of Pakistan’s democracy and its constitutional system.”

The Pakistani people are facing record levels of inflation. This comes on the backs – on the back of the extensive flooding through parts of the country, and it has only put a spotlight to continue to work together to help the Pakistani people on a – put them – to help put themselves on a sustainable economic path and a durable path to the prosperity that America seeks for the Pakistani people, the spokesperson asserted.

The US encourages Pakistan to continue working with the IMF, especially on reforms that will improve Pakistan’s business environment, and doing so will ultimately make Pakistani businesses more attractive and competitive around the world.

America wants to make sure that the resources that Pakistan has itself, the resources that it is contributing, that other countries are contributing, and the resources that have and will continue to come from international financial institutions – they’re managed responsibly as part of responsible and responsive governance.

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