AMD warns rare driver bug could brick your Windows

AMD has advised users to keep “Factory Reset” option unchecked during driver installation process
<p>Artwork: Muhammad Talal/SAMAA TV</p>

Artwork: Muhammad Talal/SAMAA TV

AMD, the well-known graphics card manufacturer, has confirmed that a rare bug in their latest Radeon drivers, Adrenalin 23.2.2, can severely damage your Windows operating system during an update, leaving it completely corrupted and requiring either a restoration or reinstallation.

Although the bug is rare, it can occur when the “Factory Reset” option is selected, clearing existing driver settings while updating the latest Radeon graphics driver and Windows is performing an update in the background.

While Windows updates are quite common, reports from Radeon users encountering this issue have been increasing, indicating the gravity of the situation.

The Executive Editor at PCWorld, Brad Chacos, also faced this issue while testing GPUs, and couldn’t even boot into Windows repair mode.

After several attempts, he was finally able to fix the issue after taking AMD’s suggestion to force Windows automatic recovery attempts by pressing the power button as soon as the BIOS splash screen popped up.

AMD has advised its users to keep the “Factory Reset” option unchecked during the driver installation process to avoid the bug.

Even though the issue is rare, it is crucial to take appropriate precautions to prevent significant damage to the system.

AMD has confirmed the problem and has stated that the issue will be addressed in the next Radeon driver update.

Nevertheless, users need to be aware of the situation to avoid a rare but severe bug that could ruin their Windows operating system.

It is a fear-inducing situation for all AMD Radeon users, who are advised to take heed of AMD’s warnings and to avoid this bug.



AMD driver bug

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