Futuristic AI-powered petrol pumps with personalized features

High-tech fueling experience in UAE


The leading fuel company in United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched a groundbreaking AI-powered fuel station, ADNOC Fill&Go, that employs computer vision and machine learning technology to recognize a motorist’s vehicle and offer personalized fuel services.

ADNOC, one of the leading fuel companies in the UAE, plans to launch three of these advanced fuel stations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Motorists will need to register their vehicles on the ADNOC distribution app, and the station’s cameras will automatically recognize them.

Once registered, the system will commence the refuelling process based on the user’s preferred fuel type and quantity. The station’s digital screen will display special offers for ADNOC Oasis stores after refuelling.

CEO Badar Saeed Al Lamki stated that ADNOC Fill&Go reflects their vision of adopting innovative technologies to enhance the fueling experience.

The fuel company plans to launch this service across the UAE soon, aligning with UAE innovation month.

In addition to Fill&Go, the ADNOC flagship service stations showcase other state-of-the-art offerings, such as renewable power generation solutions from solar and wind sources.

ADNOC has a strong track record as a leading lower carbon intensity energy producer, including its zero-emission project, and is constantly working to provide the best facilities to its customers.

With the new AI-powered service, motorists can save time and avoid standing in long queues.

This initiative aims to provide citizens with the best results and comfort, and the company plans to embed advanced digital technologies across its operations, such as digital twins and machine learning.

ADNOC’s predictive maintenance platform helps predict equipment stoppages, reduce unplanned equipment maintenance, and increase reliability, which is expected to deliver maintenance savings of up to 20%.



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