Over 25,000 Pakistanis gave up citizenship in eight years

Documents show Germany most popular destination for Pakistani nationals; 330 traders renounced citizenship in 2022


At least nine Pakistani citizens from all walks of life have annually renounced their citizenship in favor of other nationalities, especially European, since 2015.

Documents available with SAMAA TV Investigative Unit reveal that in the last eight years, 25,240 Pakistanis renounced their citizenship.

Most shockingly, 670 businessmen were among those who renounced their citizenship in the period under review. In fact, the data shows that 330 traders gave up their citizenship in 2022 alone.

Brain drain from Pakistan, renounce citizenship

There was a time when Pakistan observed brain drain, but now the situation has been changed and now thinking minds like engineers and doctors also gave up their citizenship.

As per the documents, 670 engineers and 350 doctors were among those who renounced their citizenship, while more than 50% obtained citizenship of three European countries.

The most popular destination for Pakistanis to settled appeared to be Germany, followed by India and Spain.

No of Pakistanis Citizenship obtained
8,600 German
3,700 Indian
2,268 Norwegian
2,781 Spanish
1,716 Chinese
1,290 British
158 US

Exodus from Pakistan

Year No of nationalities renounced
2022 2,878
2021 2,200
2020 2,144
2019 2,787
2018 2,412
2017 3,564




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