Coming on backfoot: Ushna Shah tenders public apology to blogger AB Lakhani

Says she had no right to besmirch him online
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

After accusing fashion blogger AB Lakhani of sneaking a drone into her wedding and leaking her photos without permission, actor Ushna Shah has issued a public apology.

On Monday, the Habs actor took to her social media to call out fashion blogger AB Lakhani for violating the terms clearly stated in his invitation by bringing a plus-one, a photographer Saad Ahsan, and a drone to record personal moments including her nikkah.

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Yesterday, Shah expressed remorse for defaming Lakhani on social media and acknowledged that it was a mistake.

She also recognized that social media can be both empowering and demoralizing and highlighted the importance of prioritizing mental health over social media validation.

Taking to her Instagram story; she wrote, “The embarrassment I will face after this doesn’t outweigh the importance of apology. I would like to publicly apologise to AB Lakhani. He did not ask me to, I simply don’t want to begin my new journey with this weighing down my conscience.”

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“I had no right to besmirch him (AB Lakhani) online, even if he did bring in a photographer without permission, the world didn’t end,” she continued.

According to Shah, her wedding day was marred by several violations, and she was subjected to numerous trolling messages, which adversely affected her mental health.

She wrote, “A new bride, managing so much, a nikkah violated with an unknown drone, hundreds of thousands of trolling messages took a bit of a toll on me. AB was simply the final straw.”

Nevertheless, Shah stressed that the memories of her special day and the affection she had received from her family and husband were the most significant things to her.

“What matters is the incredible man I married, the wonderful family I married into, the beautiful day we had and the abundance of love we received,” the actor concluded.

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