Xiaomi unveils its latest AR glasses, beating Apple to punch

Glasses offer specialized lenses to allow wearers to switch between real world, simulations
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PHOTO: @leijun/Twitter

Xiaomi has outpaced its competitors by unveiling its new Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition before Apple’s much-awaited AR headset.

The new smart glasses offer specialized lenses that allow wearers to switch between the real world and simulations.

While the CEO did not provide full specifications of the device, it is said to have a lightweight carbon fiber and magnesium-lithium alloy chassis, making it ideal for long-term use.

The glasses also feature electrochromic lenses that let users switch between the virtual and real world at will.

The smart glasses have two large cameras on either side, along with a small unit present in the middle. These sensors transmit visual data and convert them into simulations for the wearer.

However, compared to Apple’s AR headset, which is rumored to feature 15 cameras, Xiaomi’s pair has only three, which might be insufficient.

The Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition does not have a launch timeframe or pricing information yet, but it is likely to rely on Qualcomm to deliver a chip dedicated to AR and VR experiences.

It is possible that Xiaomi wanted to showcase its AR technology, even if the product does not materialize, simply for the sake of the spotlight.

While Chinese tech companies have a reputation for racing ahead of their competitors when it comes to advancements, Apple is behind the competition.

However, it is worth noting that Apple is investing millions in R&D to ensure that their AR headset is not a half-baked product.

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