Actor Mashal Khan claims only those with ‘contacts’ can get lead roles

She says if one wants lead role, they need to have "contacts"
<p>Photo: Mashhal Khan/Instagram</p>

Photo: Mashhal Khan/Instagram

Popular Pakistani television actor Mashal Khan kicked the hornet’s nest when she claimed that only connections can land an actor a lead role in dramas, regardless of their skills.

The actor who rose to fame from her role in the hit drama serial Suno Chanda shared her thoughts on what it takes to land a lead role in the industry.

She claimed that nepotism is rampant and that it is almost impossible for an outsider to get a lead role without a ‘connection’.

She appeared on The Fourth Umpire Show, where the show host, Fahad Mustafa asked her that what is essential to grab the main lead in a drama?

To this, Mashal bluntly replied, “Nepotism”.

Mustafa tried it to write that off by giving her several options which included social media following, good relations, or buttering up people.

However, the Saya actor maintained that having good relations is crucial to securing a lead role in the industry.

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