‘He used to hit me with a frying pan’: Komal Rizvi spills her guts about ex-husband

Actor-singer opened about abuse she went through in her marriage
<p>Photo: Komal Rizvi/Facebook</p>

Photo: Komal Rizvi/Facebook

Popular Pakistani actor and singer Komal Rizvi bravely opened up about the physical and emotional abuse she endured during her time in the relationship, painting a picture of the devastating impact domestic violence can have on a person’s life.

Komal Rizvi recently appeared on Nadir Ali’s podcast, where she shared the ordeal of abuse and manipulation in her marriage, revealing that she was subjected to physical violence and psychological abuse.

The Hawain actor stated that she was only 21 when she got married in a semi-arranged marriage and was not aware of her basic rights or taught about the line that should never be crossed.

She said, “The biggest mistake of society is that it doesn’t teach a girl about that one line or limit which should not be crossed in any case, I wasn’t taught this. I was taught to abide by my husband and his parents, I was unaware of the other aspect to fight for your basic rights.”

Furthermore, she said that she remained ‘trapped’ in an abusive relationship for four years, suffering at the hands of her ex-husband who would hit her with a frying pan saying she served him cold food.

She recalled a time when she called the Oman police seeking help and was told that it was a domestic matter, so the police left, and she was left to suffer at the hands of her husband.

Rizvi sends a powerful message to parents and society, urging them to teach their children to protect girls and to show extra love and care towards them.

She also highlights the importance of women being aware of their rights and standing up for themselves.


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